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three teams — one flag



DRUIDS© is a chaotic, competitive, three-team, shapeshifting, multiplayer game inspired by the classic capture the flag and king of the hill gametypes— drawing key features from various popular genres to form the ultimate 35 minute match.

Various beasts such as vicious jaguars, boars, rats and monkeys patrol the island's jungle. It's up to your team to devise a strategy that will allow you to reach the center of the island where the heart of the forest is guarded by the queen of the jungle, Pax. Defeat her before she completes her incantation, grab the heart, and make a run through the enemy's defense in an effort to secure it and restore balance to the jungle.


three team ACTION

  • CAPTURE THE FLAG — Slay Queen Syla & retrieve the Heart of the Forest to bring glory to your kingdom and victory to your team.

  • KINGS — Defend & defeat the three kings to gain powerful bonuses.

  • THRONES — Capture enemy islands & disable your opponents by destroying their thrones.

  • KING OF THE HILL — Become the last team standing in the bloodbath at the center island, once the Queen completes her incantation and pushes all teams together with her poisonous fog.



  • WEREBEASTS — Release the beast inside by playing as a half-human, half-animal, mythological creature.

  • TRANSFORM Always be on the edge of your seat as a primitive human by day & a savage, feral beast by night.

  • ABILITIES — Master a variety of unique & versatile abilities based on your beast of choice.

  • STRATEGY Pick & counter-pick between various beasts to form the ultimate team of five.


deep melee combat

  • SKILL BASED — Combat built to be easy to play & hard to master makes a diverse & rewarding competitive scene.

  • ROCK PAPER SCISSORS — Attack, parry & dodge. Read and counter your opponent’s next move.

  • WEAPONS — Wield bows and spears alongside your special abilities to produce devastating combos.

  • CRAFTING — Swiftly combine various materials to create dozens of useful items.

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At PiratCo, we believe in creating games filled with great passion. We believe in a world where every great idea has a great creator behind it. Our dedicated crew eagerly works together to make those dreams a reality— sailing past all obstacles to eventually loot the treasure that we call our product.

Shahaan S. Umar  🇨🇦  Game Director

Shahaan S. Umar 🇨🇦
Game Director

Ahmed H. Soliman  🇨🇦  Lead Developer

Ahmed H. Soliman 🇨🇦
Lead Developer

David Pugh  🇺🇸  Art Director

David Pugh 🇺🇸
Art Director

Ibrahim Chohan  🇨🇦  Developer

Ibrahim Chohan 🇨🇦

Zain Malik  🇨🇦  Props Artist

Zain Malik 🇨🇦
Props Artist

Victor Hamilton  🇺🇸  Music Composer

Victor Hamilton 🇺🇸
Music Composer

Josh Aldred  🇬🇧  Loremaster

Josh Aldred 🇬🇧

Phillip Patti  🇺🇸  Developer

Phillip Patti 🇺🇸

Matthew Fonggrasin  🇺🇸  Developer

Matthew Fonggrasin 🇺🇸

Esteban Lopez  🇨🇦    Developer

Esteban Lopez 🇨🇦





Our incredibly diverse developer team consists of local programmers, as well as specialists from all over the world. Both professionals and novices are welcome, granted you’ve got the grit, making for an insightful and fun, yet challenging experience.


art TEAM

Passion is most clearly expressed through visuals— how our games express that is extremely important to us. Our highly versatile and talented art team makes no exceptions in delivering on that objective. Creative freedom, sharing ideas, and learning from each other, whether you’re an expert or a beginner, is what makes our art team successful.